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    It has been a pleasure serving our tens of thousands of customers over these 35 years. Grove Enterprises has given us the opportunity to provide equipment and accessories to hobbyists, institutions, public safety organizations, private security firms, industrial complexes, broadcasting networks, and government agencies nationwide as well as allied countries.
    We have been privileged to have made new friends through our efforts to provide the best services and products at competitive pricing to meet the financial restrictions of our clients. Our pioneering magazine, Monitoring Times, brought information from every facet of wireless communications to its readers, covering broadcasting, two-way radio, satellites, and even deep space probes and radio astronomy in its issues.
    From our modest profits we have been able to provide income to our own family, to our  employees, to our writers, and to the many manufacturers whose fine products we represented.
    But now it’s time for Judy and me to step away, to enjoy the many years of healthy life that await us, and to watch other responsible entrepreneurs share their talents in the marketplace.
    To all of you who have been with us for the short term and for our business lifetime, thank you for your trust and your support.

Bob and Judy Grove

If your subscription to Monitoring Times extends beyond December, 2013 and you would like to request a refund for the balance, please contact us at